Apologetics Night

       The following is a review of our apologetics meeting on September 24th. Most of the information comes directly from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (see #7 for link).

          1)      To engage in pro-life apologetics means to defend the pro-life position effectively
            in conversation.
2)      The choice to have an abortion or not to have an abortion should not be based on subjective opinions; it should be based on the objective truth that human life begins at fertilization.
3)      We are all pro-choice and anti-choice depending on the choices that are presented to us. For example, we are anti-choice as a nation towards stealing because the choice to steal is recognized as an objectively bad choice. We are pro-choice as a nation towards different colours of clothing because wearing a red shirt is not objectively better or worse than a blue shirt.
4)      A discussion is not a lecture. You need to be genuinely interested in what this person believes about abortion. Both verbal and non-verbal communication are important for this…just watch this video and you’ll understand:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JmA2ClUvUY
5)      One way to engage someone in dialogue is to use the following three steps:
a.       Find common ground
b.      Tell a story (‘trot out a toddler’)
c.       Ask a question
6)    Many people are unaware that human life begins at conception. The following three questions can help them come to this conclusion for themselves:
             a.     If something is growing, is it living?
             b.     If something has human parents, is it human offspring?
             c.     Humans have human rights, don't they?
7)      SLED is a good tool to use when explaining the differences between the fetus and us, and why these differences don’t give us grounds to abort:
a.       Size
b.      Level of Development
c.       Environment
d.      Dependency
8)      An EXCELLENT resource to learn more apologetics (WARNING: graphic images on this website): http://www.unmaskingchoice.ca/classroom