End the Protest

May 8th marked the annual March for Life. Canadians across the country marched through many cities including Victoria, Edmonton, St. John’s, and of course, outside the steps of Parliament Hill to be voices for those who have not been given the opportunity to speak. Queen’s Alive members and alumni were among the thousands in Ottawa. I was one of the privileged members to be witnessing on the hill too. The day had perfect weather for the march – no mud, no rain, just sun. In fact, it seemed much like a big family reunion. Many people from across Canada travel to Ottawa and look forward to the march as an opportunity to see pro-lifers they have met over the years. Looking around, it wasn’t difficult to see that most people were enjoying the opportunity to reconnect. I found myself similarly enjoying the smiles of pro-life advocates I have met in the past such as CCBR (Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform) worker Stephanie Grey and NCLN (National Campus Life Network) staff members Rebecca Richmond and Kathleen Dunn as the day came to a close. But I was soon reminded that this shouldn’t be how it is.

Why do we have the March for Life? Why are we all meeting on Parliament Hill and stopping traffic and upsetting public transit systems? I was reminded at the NCLN banquet on Thursday evening that the only reason we are all joined together on the hill is because women are being traumatized and babies are being killed in this nation that we call ‘free’. How many more children will our country sacrifice to abortion? How many more men and women will we subject to lost fatherhood and motherhood? The protest exists because the injustice exists. I have often told people that the March for Life is one of my favourite events of the year. It is – and I hope I never have to attend it again as a protest, but rather as a celebration of our country’s decision to eradicate the injustice.