Motion 408 Promotion Campaign

"It's a girl" should not be a death sentence.

This week, Queen's Alive is hosting a campaign to educate Queen's students and faculty about gendercide: the systematic killing of members of a particular sex.  Gendercide targeted at females is especially real in countries like China and India, where it takes the form of sex-selective abortion and infanticide.  Sadly, the practice of sex-selective abortion is also occurring in Canada (CBC's Investigation).  Fortunately, in parliament there has been a motion proposed that, if passed, will condemn discrimination against women occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination occurring in Canada: Motion 408.

We had our kick-off event last night with a presentation about gendercide by Rebecca Richmond from National Campus Life Network.  This week, we will have tables set up to pass out information to students and raise awareness about this important issue:
Tuesday from 10-noon in Biosci
Wednesday from 9:30-11:30am in MacCorry
Thursday from 10-noon in MacCorry
On Thursday evening, we will be hosting a free screening of the documentary, "It's a Girl", in Ellis Auditorium at 8pm.  This film discusses the problem of gendercide, focusing primarily on China and India.  Check out the trailer, find the event on facebook, and invite your friends!

Club Photo after our M408 Kick-Off Event
Help us spread awareness about this important issue, and support Motion 408!