Shocking: Carleton Students Arrested for Pro-Life Display!

Carleton "University" re-affirmed its third-rate status today by openly suppressing free expression on its campus. The University called the police on its own students, having them arrested for "trespassing". The students were participating in a display called the Genocide Awareness Project, which uses graphic images to compare the atrocity of abortion with other historical atrocities.

This is censorship of the most blatant kind, and is completely irreconcilable with the spirit of a liberal education characterized by free inquiry and expression. No justification can be offered for arresting students on their own campus for expressing their views. A real university isn't a place of indoctrination. These images of young men and women being arrested for expressing their views should be the cause of deepest shame for the entire Carleton community. The cowards in that university's administration have gone beyond more subtle forms of suppression and have stooped to the level of forcibly shutting people up in order to impose ideological conformity. Even if you don't agree with the position of the protesters, it's sickening to consider that students at a Canadian university aren't free to express themselves.

Shame on the administration of Carleton University! May these images be distributed far and wide. This can't be allowed to set a precedent on Canadian university campuses. We have to stop the rot before free expression for pro-lifers disappears everywhere.