Ann Coulter Discovers Cult of Censorship at Canadian Universities

Disclaimer: This post is a defense of freedom of speech on Canadian university campuses, not an apologetic for Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter, currently on her Canadian speaking tour, has discovered the intellectually stifling and repressive culture that has become very prevalent on Canadian university campuses in recent years. Her speech last night at the University of Ottawa had to be canceled due to protests, recalling similar cancellations of pro-life events at McGill and St. Mary's.

'Free speech in Canada leaves much to be desired': Ann Coulter after event cancellation

People who react to occurrences like this by saying that they disagree with Ann Coulter and find her "hateful" and "offensive" are entirely missing the point. We understand that you disagree with Ann Coulter and find her offensive. So do most Canadians.

However, in a mature society which places real value on free expression, there would be no question of whether or not she should be "allowed" to speak. It goes without saying that people are allowed to speak, no matter how much we disagree with them.

Unfortunately, the hyper-privileged youth of today see university campuses as "safe spaces" where they have a right not to encounter any views with which they disagree. When their sanctity is violated by some speaker who offends them, they call on the university or the state to protect them from this "harassment". Truly, there is nothing more removed from the spirit of the university than this infantile insistence on intellectual uniformity.