Abortion Issue Comes Back to Life

Here's a link to an excellent essay in The Globe and Mail, answering the question of why the issue of abortion hasn't gone away and why the pro-life movement both in the United States and Canada is gaining ground:

The abortion issue comes back to life

The comment section is especially interesting, and demonstrates why professor Carter Snead of Notre Dame says that when compared to pro-choicers, "since the late 1990s, pro-lifers have seemed more reasonable in tone and substance.”

This is a matter of fundamental human rights. To kill an innocent human being is a grave violation of these rights. It should be no surprise that fewer and fewer people are willing to stand by and let it happen.

The ancient Romans exposed their infants. The Carthaginians sacrificed them to the gods. We kill them in the womb and sanctify this violence by calling it "choice". It's time for our civilization to emerge from the stone age.